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Awm Style 20276 Hdmi Cable Specs

Looking for a high-quality, affordable hdmi cable that will allow you to monitor your video creation tools from your television? look no further than the awm style 20276hdmi cable! This cable is designed to work with your favourite 3d glass kit, and it features a number of other features to make it easy to use. Get your awm style 20276hdmi cable today!

Hdmi Cable 20276

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Awm Style 20276 Hdmi Cable

The awm style 20276 hgdi cable is a great choice for anyone looking for a cable that directs power to the back of the camera to connect with your video footage. This vw-1 revision dvi to hdmi cable comeslanding with aawm style 20276 hdmi input and output will allow you to use your video footage in 3d. The cable also has aluxury look and feel with blue and green color scheme, making it a perfect addition to your camera. the awm style 20276 vw-1 revision dvi to hdmi cable 10 is a great cable for centre-of-the- deck (c2t) monitors and other devices that need to be connected to the hdmicablesi. Com or other entertainment sources. The cable has alength of 10 meter and has a ±30vmuzon® impedance, which means that it can handle any power draw with little penalty. The cable also uses 30v hdmi wiring and has a length of 10 meter. The cable is easy to use and has a quick setting that makes it easy to sets up. The cable is alsosupports dvi, so you can easily connect your pc with the camera or monitor. this cable is designed for the nvidia 3d glasses kit. It has aawm style on one end and a revision dvi on the other. It is about 20cm long and is made of sturdy plastic. The cable has a micro- hdmi input and an analogue input. It can carry a maximum of 5,