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4 Pin Firewire To Hdmi Cable

Our firewire 400 4-pin to 6-pin cable gives you the power to connect your xbox one, playstation 4, apple ipad and others with a firewire connection. The cable has a 3 0. 9-meter length and is equipped with a 3-foot long cable.

4 Pin Firewire To Hdmi Cable Target

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Cheap 4 Pin Firewire To Hdmi Cable

This firewire 400 4-pin to 4-pin cable is designed to allow you to connect your digital camera, laptop or other digital device to your home or work space with just 4 pin firewire. The length of the cable is 15 5/8 inches and the width is 5 1/4 inches. This firewire cable is made of quality materials and feels good in your hand. this firewire 400 cable provides an easily accessible 4-pin digital pin-to-pin interface for combo boxes and other consoles that need to connect to a computer. It's a great way to allow your computer to connect to yourition or other devices while keeping the power to the hublies keep your tv on! this pearstone firewire 400 4-pin to 6-pin cable is designed to allow easy connection of different digital devices and devices that need to be data-carrying connections. It features a firewire-style connector with data and control (commands) lanes, making it ideal for use with digital or digital-based applications. The cable has a standard hdmi connection type with an data-only lane, digital projectors, or digital audio systems. this firewire to hdmi cable provides data and power supply for your computer. It has a 4-pin connection and is connected to the wall. It has a ol of 8 pins and is used for connecting other computers to your computer.